Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is the October 1, 2015 implementation date for ICD-10-CM and PCS real?
Although no one knows the future for sure, all industry signs say it's real.

What's my best option for ICD-10 training on a budget?
The answer to that depends on your needs, your experience level and your flexibility. We have options for everyone. See Services.

Is the CPT/HCPCS system being replaced in October, 2015?
No, CPT/HCPCS will continue to be used by all providers who currently use that coding system. CPT/HCPCS is not being replaced.

Won't my software vendor handle this for me?
The vendor will handle only the software installation. You'll need to know how to code to use the software. See Services.

What triggers a third-party audit?
Billing Medicare for services not provided or unbundling of procedures are just two triggers.

Why won't third-party payers reimburse my practice for supplies?
Many practices incorrectly code supplies using CPT code 99070.

How bad can it be if I don't have time to evaluate my denials?
Not that bad if approximately 5% of your total revenue is unimportant to you.

Is it OK to submit code 71020 for a chest x-ray done in our office if we don't do the interpretation?
Don't run the risk of committing fraud.

Is time ever used to determine an E/M code?
Counseling visits can be coded using time.